Monday, December 6, 2010

The TOEFL iBT Advantage: Why Connect English Is Better, Part 2

How can you help yourself pass the TOEFL? Join the best TOEFL program in San Diego.

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If you are studying at a language school in San Diego, then you have probably heard about TOEFL classes. Students can get TOEFL training from a number of schools in San Diego, but are those TOEFL programs always good? Are they always worth all of the money you have to spend for them? Do you really have to spend so much money on TOEFL preparation classes? Are the teachers good enough? Will you really learn enough to pass the TOEFL and get into the university that you want?

Connect English TOEFL courses do more for you. Continue reading to see the difference between the basic classes taught by old-fashioned teachers at other schools, and the modern, proven methods that Connect English can offer to you. Here’s part 2 of the four-part series about the Connect English TOEFL advantage:

TOEFL Reading

The part of the TOEFL that most students think will be easy is the reading test. Before their test, a lot of students feel pretty confident in their reading ability and feel like they don't need to focus on reading in order to pass the TOEFL with a high score. Unfortunately, unprepared students often finish the test feeling shocked and surprised that the reading test was so much more difficult than they had imagined.

When you prepare for the TOEFL at Connect English, you do more than just some reading practice and some exercises. You will learn to analyze the questions and use efficient strategies to solve each different type of task. There are about ten different question types for TOEFL reading, and for each one Connect English will teach you ways to be effective, efficient and confident.

Connect English TOEFL preparation classes use exclusive materials and exercises that are custom made for our students to succeed on the modern TOEFL. Our TOEFL programs don't use one old book every day. We use the best materials from a variety of books and then add plenty of supplemental exercises to help with the most difficult types of questions. And just like on the official TOEFL, dictionaries are not permitted in our classes. Connect English students depend on asking good questions and using brain power.

Here is an example of an activity that you will complete in a Connect English TOEFL class. Follow the instructions to make sense of the unfamiliar words in each sentence. It is impossible to learn every difficult or unfamiliar word that will appear on the TOEFL, but it is possible to figure out what each word probably means based on its context in the sentence or paragraph (click for full-size version):

  • In question #1, what does relinquish mean? Don't have your dictionary? Don't worry. What do you think a king would probably do with his crown when he gets very old? Imagine it. He will probably give up or give away his crown when he gets very old. That is what relinquish means. Relinquish means give it to the next person.
  • In question #2, what does critters mean? Think about what wolves and foxes hunt. Do they hunt trucks? No way. Do they hunt information? Nope, that's not what critters means. Wolves and foxes hunt for small animals. Critters means small animals. It couldn't possibly mean anything else.

Now try the rest of the sentences in that exercise, and then check when you're done. Your assumptions will be surprisingly useful and effective, and you will become more confident with the reading skills that you need for the TOEFL. You can do it!

These TOEFL Reading exercises and many more reading exercises related to paraphrasing, understanding purpose, categorizing, pronouns and negative fact recognition are only available at Connect English Language Institute. There are TOEFL courses at other English schools in San Diego. However, you can be sure that in addition to our affordable course prices, TOEFL teachers at Connect English are experienced, helpful and creative. They use the methods that will help you pass the test and get accepted to the university that you've dreamed of.

Our TOEFL programs work. See the evidence.
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Monday, November 29, 2010

Friends and Family Recommend Connect English

Students are telling their friends and family to join the educational experience so that they can grow together.

When people find something good, something that helps them a lot, they tell their friends and family to try it. They want the people that they care about to enjoy the things that will help them grow stronger and be more satisfied in life. Connect English is one of the things that friends recommend to friends, brothers recommend to sisters, and girlfriends recommend to boyfriends. Motivated and intelligent students know that friends and family should go to the best English school in San Diego. This is why so many Connect English students recommend our programs to the important people in their lives.

George Hong started his advanced English courses at Connect English two months ago, after he moved to San Diego from Northern California. He enjoyed the courses so much that he signed up his brother, Chang Yong, for beginner English courses at Connect English. Chang Yong started his classes this week and is already using his English skills to meet students and new friends from places like Turkey, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Spain, Syria and Mexico who are in his classes at Connect English.

Iman Aldrwich joined Connect English in May of 2010 because she wanted to study TOEFL in San Diego. For six months she has attended class almost every day and participated eagerly. She has now passed the TOEFL and been accepted to San Diego Mesa College for their spring 2011 semester, but she has chosen to continue to study with Connect English because she has improved her English skills so much this year. After four months of studying with Connect English, Iman brought her sister, Najwa, to Connect English to help her gain essential communication skills. In her two months at Connect English, Najwa has improved her conversational English and made new friends at Connect English that she spends time with on the weekends.

Gokhan Caglayan has been studying at Connect English since the spring of 2010. He is in the TOEFL MAX classes in the morning preparing to pass the TOEFL and go to a university in the USA. He has recently referred three of his friends to Connect English so that they can get the excellent lessons that he knows from our experienced and energetic instructors that he trusts. He wanted to be sure that his friends attend a school that is not just some boring classes, and he also wanted his friends to enjoy the entire experience of living in San Diego and learning English at a school that cares about offering more to students. That is why he chose Connect English. Last week, Gokhan's friends enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner at Connect English, and two weeks ago, they played soccer in Balboa Park with other Connect English students from around the world.

Fuad Rahimov, from Azerbaijan, recently applied for Change of Status at Connect English. He will change to an F-1 (student) visa from his J-1 (work/study) visa. He is so excited about his experience with Connect English so far that he has recommended our English programs to his friend Ali back in his home country. Ali is coming to the USA at the end of December and will study in our English MAX programs for the rest of 2011. He received an I-20 from Connect English, scheduled a visa appointment with the US Consulate in Azerbaijan, and received the F-1 student visa. We are ready to welcome Ali into Connect English programs thanks to his friend Fuad's recommendation.


Why do so many students recommend Connect English to their friends? Because the prices are affordable, the quality and energy levels are very high, and the teachers and staff are super helpful for students. Individual students matter at Connect English, and our students see this every day. That's why all of their friends and family are studying at Connect English now also.

If you would like to learn more about the best language school in San Diego, contact Connect English today. We will discuss a plan for your success.
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Sunday, November 21, 2010

The TOEFL iBT Advantage: Why Connect English Is Better, Part 1

How can you help yourself pass the TOEFL? Join the best TOEFL program in San Diego.

[View other parts of this series: part 2]

If you are studying at a language school in San Diego, then you have probably heard about TOEFL classes. Students can get TOEFL training from a number of schools in San Diego, but are TOEFL programs always good? Are they always worth all of the money you have to spend for them? Do you have to spend a lot of money on TOEFL preparation classes? Are the teachers good enough? Will you really learn enough to pass the TOEFL and get into the university that you want?

Connect English TOEFL courses do more for you. Keep reading to see the difference between the basic classes taught by old-fashioned teachers at other schools, and the modern, proven methods that Connect English can offer to you. Here’s part 1 of the four-part series about the Connect English TOEFL advantage:

TOEFL Speaking

The best way to succeed with TOEFL Speaking is to learn to be confident. Imagine that you are sitting down for the TOEFL Speaking test and you have NO IDEA what kind of questions you will answer, and no idea how to organize a good response. Now imagine instead that you are arriving at the test with a complete understanding of each question that you will be asked, and a plan of how you can answer each different question on the test. At Connect English, students learn and practice every detail of the entire TOEFL Speaking test, including individual strategies for each of the questions.

If you are uncertain about how well you understand the TOEFL Speaking test, think about and answer these questions:

  • How many questions on the test require you to give your own opinion? Which ones are they?

  • Which questions on the test involve listening to academic lectures?

  • Which questions give you the most preparation time, and which questions give you the least preparation time?

  • What are the similarities between question 3 and question 4 on the speaking test? What are the differences between these questions?

Knowing the answers to these questions before you sit down to take your TOEFL means the difference between being afraid and being confident, and between being disorganized and being ready.

How about strategies? Do you have a plan for how to answer each different question? Let’s look at question number one, for example. How should you use your preparation time? How should you begin your response? How many reasons should you plan to use in support? What should you do if you have extra time at the end of your recording period?

All of these questions are the things that Connect English will teach you the answers to in our TOEFL MAX programs. If you are at an English school in San Diego, but you want to get effective TOEFL training that makes a difference, contact Connect English about the best TOEFL courses in San Diego.

Our TOEFL programs work. See the evidence.
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Friday, November 12, 2010

American Football Class at Connect English - It's Free for You and Your Friends!

International Students Learn about American Society with Connect English Language Institute

The most interesting language school in San Diego is offering even more interesting classes for San Diego international students. Connect English Language Institute is offering an American football class on Wednesday, November 17th at 1:30pm. You are invited!

American football is an interesting sport that is very exciting if you understand the rules and the strategy. This is exactly what Connect English wants to help you do. The Connect English American-football fanatic, Nick Sacco, teaches all of the students about the best sport in the world. He'll help you understand what is happening on TV by introducing and describing the players, the strategies and the configuration of the game itself. This is your chance to learn about what all of your American friends have been talking about for the past few months. Are you ready for some football?!?!

On Thursday after class, after we have learned how to enjoy American football on TV, we will meet and play a friendly game of American football at Balboa Park. We will play a version of the game called flag football, which doesn't require students to tackle and hurt each other. It is a much friendlier version of the game that is still a lot of fun, and Connect English staff will be there to guide the students and coach the teams.

So, are you curious about American football? (YES!)
Do you hear Americans talking about it all the time? (YES!)
Do you want to be able to discuss it with Americans? (YES!!!)
This free class at Connect English is your opportunity to learn.

An education at Connect English Language Institute is more than just grammar lessons in the classroom. Connect English knows that international students learn more English when they use their language abilities to interact and participate in American society. Other English schools in San Diego are cheap, but Connect English is effective, exciting and affordable. Join us and experience the difference!

Contact Connect English today to learn more:
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Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Soccer Tuesdays at Balboa Park with Connect English

San Diego international students are always looking for opportunities to get active and have fun with their friends. Frequently, international students don’t get to play soccer as frequently as they want. Students from Brazil, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Kuwait and other countries LOVE playing soccer, but when they arrive in the United States, they don’t know where to play or who to play the game with.

Connect English Language Institute has the solution to help students: Soccer Wednesdays at Balboa Park! Every Tuesday at 3:30pm, Academic Director Adam Cooke will organize soccer games for all international students in San Diego. If you are a student at Connect English, you are invited. If you are a friend of a student at Connect English, you are invited. If you just like to play soccer, you are invited!

Soccer Wednesdays are an excellent opportunity for international students to socialize, make new friends, and get some healthy exercise after classes. We get plenty of mental exercise in the mornings in the classroom, so we need to get physical exercise in the awesome San Diego weather!

The best language school in San Diego wants to make sure that you enjoy your entire experience in California. Improve your language skills in the morning, and then come with us to participate in the San Diego adventure in the afternoon. Join Connect English Language Institute today!
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Friday, October 15, 2010

Connect English Language Institute has Halloween events planned for you!

The Halloween festivities: TWO WEEKS OF FUN FOR YOU!

If you are an international student looking for Halloween fun in San Diego, come to Connect English in the two weeks before Halloween to join our events and activities. No other English school in San Diego will offer as much fun as Connect English. Here is a list of the fun things that we invite you to attend:

Halloween Scavenger Hunt, Part 1 - Tuesday, October 19th at 12:00pm

The friendly people at Halloween World South have invited Connect English to visit their store and compete to answer questions about Halloween costumes and party supplies. How much does an Obama mask cost? What is the most popular costume for adults in 2010? Learn more at this fun event!

Halloween Scavenger Hunt, Part 2 - Wednesday, October 20th at 12:00pm

Halloween World South invites the second group of Connect English students to figure out more information about the best costumes and decorations for this year's holiday festivities. Is your costume ready yet?

Scary Movie Day! - Tuesday, October 26th at 1:30pm

Connect English will show the scary movie Halloween H20 to our students. We will serve popcorn, sodas and many other scary surprises to our students. We will also give away Halloween gifts to some lucky students who attend this fun afternoon event.

The Connect English Crazy Pumpkin Carving Competition - Wednesday, October 27th at 1:00pm

Connect English will provide the pumpkins and carving supplies. Our students will provide the smiles, laughs and creative ideas. We will give a prize for scariest pumpkin, funniest pumpkin, and most artistic pumpkin. Watch this video of Connect English TOEFL teacher Nick Sacco teaching his students to carve pumpkins.

Halloween PARTY at Connect English - Thursday, October 28th at 12:00pm

Dress up in a costume and get ready for a lot of fun at the best English school in San Diego! We will have a costume contest, music and other games for everyone. Bring your favorite snack or drink and get ready to have soooooo much fun. Invite your friends as well! Everyone is welcome to celebrate with us!

For more information about Halloween fun all around San Diego, take a look at our recent article full of Halloween recommendations for international students in San Diego. Don't miss all of this fun! Make sure you're prepared and excited for all of these good times!

Connect English offers high-quality English and TOEFL classes at an affordable price, but there is so much more. An education at Connect English is more than just classes. It is a life experience that you will never forget. To see photos and more information, go to the Connect English Facebook page.
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Monday, October 4, 2010

Going the Extra Mile: Homework Club at Connect English

Connect English Language Institute is built on the idea that an affordable school can still be a great school. Students shouldn't need to choose between good prices and a good education. A good education can be affordable too!

One of our favorite services that we offer to our beginner and pre-intermediate students is the Connect English Homework Club. Most of our newest students are hungry for more opportunities to use their English skills and to be able to communicate more fluently in American society. Luckily for them, our policy is that if they want more practice, we will help them get more practice. The Connect English Homework Club is exactly what they want...and it's 100% free for Connect English students!

That's right: NO COST.

Three days a week, an instructor stays after class for Homework Club and does a simple grammar explanation for all interested and motivated students. Then the students receive a short homework assignment to practice their new grammar. The next day, students bring in their homework and review it with the grammar topic, and then the process repeats with a new grammar point.

An extra half hour of grammar work a few times per week makes a BIG difference for these motivated students. Life is much easier when you feel more confident about what present perfect means, or the difference between past simple and past progressive tenses. We use those ones every day!

You have seen the other English schools in San Diego. Why spend $1000 per month or more to go to a large corporate English school, or $350 per month to go to a school that doesn't even care about truly helping you learn? There is a language school in San Diego that is right for you. The best English school in San Diego is not downtown or in La Jolla. Connect English Language Institute in Mission Valley is right by the green line trolley, the 8 freeway, and a number of bus lines.

Join Team Connect today!
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Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Halloween in San Diego: 10 Recommendations for International Students


San Diego is the best Halloween city in the United States. The perfect October weather allows everyone to celebrate both indoors and outdoors while our friends in Northern California and on the East Coast are already starting to freeze.

I've been teaching for years in San Diego, living in San Diego even longer, and celebrating Halloween even longer than that. Over this time I've learned some valuable lessons about how to make sure that your Halloween is safe and mega-fun. As always, I want to help San Diego International Students with my experience. Here's a list of those lessons that you can use this Halloween:

1. Wear a costume. Really.

Dressing up in a funny costume may seem embarrassing at first, but I have surveyed hundreds of students in my time as a teacher. Students who wear costumes have a lot of fun and they tell all of their friends back home about all of the Halloween good times they experienced. Students who don't wear costumes frequently regret it after Halloween is over. Believe me. Costumes don't have to cost a lot of money and don't have to be complicated. There are a lot of options that are not embarrassing at all, but are still a lot of fun. For example, a baseball player could be a great costume that's not embarrassing, not complicated, not expensive, and totally comfortable. Here's a good little list of costume shops and Halloween stores in San Diego.

2. Decide early which events you'd like to visit.

Don't wait until Halloween weekend to make your plan. There are many, many events happening around town. One of my biggest regrets of Halloweens past is having to argue with my friends on Halloween night about which event will be better. It's much smarter to decide a few days before the weekend. Here are a few famous events that are happening around San Diego this Halloween:

Through October - The Haunted Trail, The Haunted Hotel & The Scream Zone

Oct. 30th - Heaven & Hell Halloween Music and Costume Festival (Del Mar Fairgrounds)

Oct. 30th - Halloween 2010 at the Hardrock Hotel (Downtown)

Oct. 30th - Monster Bash (Downtown)

Oct. 31st - Halloween @ The Prado (Balboa Park)

Oct. 31st - 80s Heat presents Halloween Heat Freeze Frame (Solana Beach)

3. House parties are good, but officially sanctioned events are safer and are still a lot of fun.

Organized events around town have security staff and are properly planned so that they can accommodate large numbers of people. If you go to a house party, be prepared for long bathroom lines and the possibility of the police arriving and telling everyone to leave. Most organized events are pretty centrally located, too. This means that they're easy to reach by public transit, and taxis are easier to find afterward.

4. Organize your transportation plans early.

Make sure you have a designated driver or a bus/trolley/taxi plan. Do not drink and drive (ever!). There are so many people walking around town, and so many police. Don't take your chances. It's too easy to hurt yourself, your friends, or even strangers if you decide to drink and drive. There are plenty of safe ways to get around on Halloween if you plan just a little bit.

5. Keep a few taxi service telephone numbers in your phone.

Taxi companies are very busy over Halloween weekend. Frequently it will take more than an hour to arrange for a pick-up. If you have three or four numbers saved in your phone, you'll be able to get home easily.

Here are some taxi company phone numbers that you can program into your phone now:

Orange Cab - (619) 223-5555
USA Cab - (619) 231-1144
Yellow Cab - (619) 444-4444
San Diego Cab - (619) 226-8294

6. Don't wear costumes with masks.

Do you like to eat? Do you like to drink? Do you like to talk? Do you like to see? Do you like to breathe? Imagine how difficult all of these things are when you have a mask covering your face. It's especially sad when the mask really completes the costume, but the person has to keep the mask pulled up over the top of their head most of the time so that they can breathe. You may find some excellent-looking masks at the Halloween store, but believe'll regret choosing them.

7. Don't choose a costume that has big fake props.

Most people spend their Halloween walking, dancing, giving high-fives and sometimes holding beverages. All of these things are a lot harder to do when you have to carry around a fake knife, a rubber chicken, a fruit basket, or some big, heavy part of your costume. Anything that makes it difficult to walk or stand is also a bad idea. Here is one good example of a costume that is probably not very smart. Can you see why? And can you imagine walking around with all this stuff all night? Forget it.

8. Wear costumes with wigs, makeup, funny hats, pockets, etc. instead.

All of these things make your Halloween much more fun and manageable than if you wear a bad costume with a mask or fake weapons and toys that you have to carry around all weekend (#s 6 and 7 above). A purse or a backpack is always a great idea for you or one of your friends to have as well. This way you can keep your wallet, your ID, your credit or debit cards, your camera and your cell phone secure. Can you imagine trying to carry all of those things around while wearing this tiny costume? Be prepared for event security guards to search your purse or backpack, though.

9. Bring a camera, of course!

You are definitely going to want to take pictures of the events you'll attend, the costumes you'll see, the people you'll meet, and the hilarious things you and your friends will do. Want to see some pictures of regular people having tons of fun on Halloween? Here is a website full of Halloween photo albums from all around San Diego.

10. Carve pumpkins!

If you have the chance to carve pumpkins, do it! You'll have a lot of fun. Pumpkins can be bought at your local Vons, Ralphs or Albertsons any time in the month of October. Connect English will have a pumpkin carving event/contest later this month, so keep your eyes open. You will never forget it!

Do you have more advice for San Diego international students this Halloween? Please write a comment below. With your recommendations, we can make sure that even more people have as much fun on Halloween as I have had in my life. Wow, I'm getting excited!

Pass this information along to your friends. It's the goal of Connect English for all international students to have a fun, memorable and safe Halloween in San Diego.

Are you looking for a school that gives you the complete experience in San Diego? Connect English Language Institute is more than just a basic language school. Our events and activities help students explore and enjoy San Diego, and our special services assure that your education investment will help you improve your English. When you want a school that does more but costs less, contact Connect English.
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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Change of Status Success: Marina Receives F-1 Status in Only Three Weeks

International students frequently come to Connect English Language Institute for help: They need help with passing the TOEFL; They need help with improving their English for their career back in their home country; They need help with homestays and accommodations in San Diego. Many international students also come to Connect English because they would like to change visa status, become full-time students in the United States, and eventually achieve great things with their education. This is the case of one of our newest success stories, Marina.

Marina arrived in the US from Russia in July with a J-1 visa and worked part time in retail. She quickly realized, though, that her English was not improving much. Without formal English training from a language school in San Diego, she was communicating okay, but her grammar, reading and writing skills were not strong enough. She decided to contact Connect English for help.

Connect English took the time to meet with Marina and guide her through the difficult and sometimes confusing change-of-status process. Instead of making mistakes and guessing about the documents to submit to United States Customs and Immigration Services (USCIS), Marina received consultation from the Connect English staff. Working together, Marina and Connect English were able to submit her documents quickly, completely and confidently. This confidence means a lot for international students. Why be uncertain?

Within only a month, USCIS approved Marina's new F-1 (student) visa. She is now fully enrolled in English MAX programs at Connect English, and she will soon move into TOEFL courses. After she studies and passes the TOEFL, Marina will attend a university in the United States and eventually return to Russia with the education and experience that she needs in order to get a high-paying career for the rest of her life.

We are happy to have you on Team Connect, Marina! We are ready to guide you as you improve your English, pass the TOEFL, and get accepted to a university in the United States.

The change-of-status process doesn't have to be difficult or scary for students. With the guidance of Connect English Language Institute, students do change of status from J-1 to F-1, like Marina did, or they can do change of status from B-1 or B-2 to F-1 like many others have. Once students are approved, they can get the serious education from Connect English that they want. Don't let an excellent opportunity escape. Contact Connect English today to get the assistance that you need and join the excellent ESL program in San Diego that everyone is talking about.
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Monday, September 20, 2010

Meet Laura, TOEFL Student at Connect English

Connect English Language Institute is always proud of hard-working students. We encourage our students with every step they take, and we always want to give credit to students who achieve success thanks to their great attitudes and their focus on their goals.

This month Connect English would like to shine a light on Laura Petrella, who came to Connect English while she was on vacation in San Diego. She didn't want to spend her time just relaxing on the beach or playing in Balboa Park. She wanted to improve her English skills and get ready to pass the TOEFL as soon as possible. Here is a short interview with this superstar student:

Where are you from, and when did you arrive in San Diego?

I am from Rome, Italy, and I arrived in San Diego from Italy with my boyfriend on Sunday, September 12th. I have been in the United States for only one week. When I arrived in San Diego, I started my TOEFL course the next day because I didn't want to waste any time.

Why did you select Connect English for your TOEFL training?

I read about Connect English in internet and decided to study here because the TOEFL programs seemed very interesting.

What did you expect from your program at Connect English?

I expected to understand how the TOEFL test works and to have useful instructions and strategies for passing the test.

Were you happy with the courses?

Yes. I have found what I expected and more. Connect English has given me the possibility of practicing strategies for the TOEFL test and taking a practice test that is like the official one. This way I will better understand my level and my capability of passing it. The instructors also helped me sign up to take the test.

What are your TOEFL goals? When will you take the exam?

I need to pass the TOEFL examination to study in an American university. I will take the exam as soon as possible, maybe in October. After that I will begin my applications.

What have you enjoyed the most about the city of San Diego?

I like very much San Diego. I have enjoyed this lovable weather, the beautiful beaches, and the many restaurants, shops and places to have a good time. It is a safe city and the people are friendly and helpful when visitors have questions or need help.

Thank you for joining Connect English, Laura. We have loved having you in our classes and around the school, and we will continue to support you as you prepare to pass the TOEFL.

The best students in San Diego go to the best English school in San Diego. When you are serious about passing the TOEFL or improving your English to reach your life goals, contact Connect English. We will sit down with you and create a plan for your success in English.
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Monday, August 23, 2010

The Connect English Bike-Loan Program!

These days, everyone knows that going green (protecting the environment with your daily actions) is the right thing to do. But did you also know that going green can be a fun, convenient and healthy way to get around San Diego? Students at Connect English understand the importance of being responsible and having fun, so this summer we created the Connect English Bike-Loan Program. Students can just sign up and borrow a bike for free while they study at Connect English. So far the program has been a fantastic success.

Many of our students live with American families in the neighborhoods around Connect English and in the beautiful areas of San Diego. Because our Academic Director, Adam Cooke, likes maintaining bikes as a hobby anyway, he worked with Connect English Language Institute to create the Bike-Loan Program to serve our students. After all, most international students don't want to buy a car while they are here in the USA. The Bike-Lend Program is the perfect service for them, and it is completely free if you study with Team Connect. Almost 20 bikes are now available for our students!

Mansaur rode his bike between his apartment and Connect English every day for class. Mathieu used his bike to see all of San Diego while he was here in June and July. Tereza, Ali and Iman took a tour of the beach areas of San Diego on their bikes. Nicole and Claudia used their bikes to get familiar with the neighborhood of their homestay.

The Connect English Bike-Lend Program is just another reason why Connect English Language Institute is the best English school in San Diego. Connect English provides regular social events and activities for students, along with homestay placement, and academic advising. We are more than just classrooms, and more than just teachers. Connect English Language Institute is a life experience that you will never forget!

Contact Connect English today if you are interested in our Intensive English courses, our TOEFL courses, our Academic Support Center, or exciting events and helpful services like this one. We are ready to serve you and make your experience in San Diego the best experience ever!
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Wednesday, August 11, 2010

S.K. Gets a Scholarship to the University of His Dreams!

It was a proud day for Connect English, and definitely a proud day for S.K. Lee when he was admitted to the College of Creative Studies, an accredited university in Detroit, Michigan. And not only was he admitted to the school of his dreams, but he also received an extraordinary scholarship because their admissions department was so impressed with his design abilities.

After a four-month TOEFL course at Connect English, S.K. passed the TOEFL and is getting ready to move to Michigan. He is excited and eager to start the college program that he had been aiming for. This fall semester he will study automotive design in order to strengthen his already remarkable skills.

Connect English wishes you good luck at the university of your dreams, S.K. Your classmates, teachers and friends at Connect English are all proud of you. We are proud that your hard work paid off and you are ready to start an amazing step in your career and your life.

In addition to S.K.'s dedication and hard work in Connect English programs, he spent his extra time in the Connect English Academic Support Center and worked with teachers and staff members to successfully navigate the admissions process for his schools. At Connect English, our goal is to help dedicated and hard-working students like S.K. to follow the path to the universities that they have always wanted to attend. Students who have goals and dreams to attend universities in the United States study with Connect English. If you want to find an English school in San Diego that helps you with your goals and dreams to attend universities in the United States, contact Connect English Language Institute today. We will help you create a plan for success!

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Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do you want great education or do you want great fun? How about both?

Many students wonder, "Do I want to study and learn a lot, or do I want to enjoy San Diego and meet new friends?" But why not have both at Connect English Language Institute?

Connect English Language Institute is serious about your education, but also serious about helping you enjoy your experience in San Diego, California. Classes focus on helping students improve their English language skills through group projects, writing assignments, speaking activities, grammar lessons and vocabulary builders. Every day and ever week, students have opportunities to grow and expand their English abilities.

As much as Connect English students learn in the classroom each week, they also have a lot of fun around beautiful San Diego. So far this year, Team Connect has gone sea kayaking, tried American barbecue, had surfing lessons, visited the museums of Balboa Park, taken a trip to San Felipe, and played disc golf. Soon they are going to the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles. Education is more than just spending time in a room with a teacher. Education includes experience in the real world with your new skills and abilities.

When you have to decide if you want to learn a lot or if you want to have a lot of fun, there's no reason to select only one. Select both! Connect English Language Institute offers the best mix of great education and great experiences. Our teachers and staff give a 110% effort to make sure that students learn as much as possible, love their ESL classes in San Diego, and then enjoy life in San Diego, California!

Are you an energetic and motivated student? Do you want to get a great education AND get the most from the great city of San Diego? Contact Connect English to learn more about what we can do for you. We welcome you to join Connect English Language Institute, the best English school in San Diego!
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