Monday, October 4, 2010

Going the Extra Mile: Homework Club at Connect English

Connect English Language Institute is built on the idea that an affordable school can still be a great school. Students shouldn't need to choose between good prices and a good education. A good education can be affordable too!

One of our favorite services that we offer to our beginner and pre-intermediate students is the Connect English Homework Club. Most of our newest students are hungry for more opportunities to use their English skills and to be able to communicate more fluently in American society. Luckily for them, our policy is that if they want more practice, we will help them get more practice. The Connect English Homework Club is exactly what they want...and it's 100% free for Connect English students!

That's right: NO COST.

Three days a week, an instructor stays after class for Homework Club and does a simple grammar explanation for all interested and motivated students. Then the students receive a short homework assignment to practice their new grammar. The next day, students bring in their homework and review it with the grammar topic, and then the process repeats with a new grammar point.

An extra half hour of grammar work a few times per week makes a BIG difference for these motivated students. Life is much easier when you feel more confident about what present perfect means, or the difference between past simple and past progressive tenses. We use those ones every day!

You have seen the other English schools in San Diego. Why spend $1000 per month or more to go to a large corporate English school, or $350 per month to go to a school that doesn't even care about truly helping you learn? There is a language school in San Diego that is right for you. The best English school in San Diego is not downtown or in La Jolla. Connect English Language Institute in Mission Valley is right by the green line trolley, the 8 freeway, and a number of bus lines.

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