Monday, August 23, 2010

The Connect English Bike-Loan Program!

These days, everyone knows that going green (protecting the environment with your daily actions) is the right thing to do. But did you also know that going green can be a fun, convenient and healthy way to get around San Diego? Students at Connect English understand the importance of being responsible and having fun, so this summer we created the Connect English Bike-Loan Program. Students can just sign up and borrow a bike for free while they study at Connect English. So far the program has been a fantastic success.

Many of our students live with American families in the neighborhoods around Connect English and in the beautiful areas of San Diego. Because our Academic Director, Adam Cooke, likes maintaining bikes as a hobby anyway, he worked with Connect English Language Institute to create the Bike-Loan Program to serve our students. After all, most international students don't want to buy a car while they are here in the USA. The Bike-Lend Program is the perfect service for them, and it is completely free if you study with Team Connect. Almost 20 bikes are now available for our students!

Mansaur rode his bike between his apartment and Connect English every day for class. Mathieu used his bike to see all of San Diego while he was here in June and July. Tereza, Ali and Iman took a tour of the beach areas of San Diego on their bikes. Nicole and Claudia used their bikes to get familiar with the neighborhood of their homestay.

The Connect English Bike-Lend Program is just another reason why Connect English Language Institute is the best English school in San Diego. Connect English provides regular social events and activities for students, along with homestay placement, and academic advising. We are more than just classrooms, and more than just teachers. Connect English Language Institute is a life experience that you will never forget!

Contact Connect English today if you are interested in our Intensive English courses, our TOEFL courses, our Academic Support Center, or exciting events and helpful services like this one. We are ready to serve you and make your experience in San Diego the best experience ever!
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