Monday, November 29, 2010

Friends and Family Recommend Connect English

Students are telling their friends and family to join the educational experience so that they can grow together.

When people find something good, something that helps them a lot, they tell their friends and family to try it. They want the people that they care about to enjoy the things that will help them grow stronger and be more satisfied in life. Connect English is one of the things that friends recommend to friends, brothers recommend to sisters, and girlfriends recommend to boyfriends. Motivated and intelligent students know that friends and family should go to the best English school in San Diego. This is why so many Connect English students recommend our programs to the important people in their lives.

George Hong started his advanced English courses at Connect English two months ago, after he moved to San Diego from Northern California. He enjoyed the courses so much that he signed up his brother, Chang Yong, for beginner English courses at Connect English. Chang Yong started his classes this week and is already using his English skills to meet students and new friends from places like Turkey, Brazil, Saudi Arabia, Vietnam, Spain, Syria and Mexico who are in his classes at Connect English.

Iman Aldrwich joined Connect English in May of 2010 because she wanted to study TOEFL in San Diego. For six months she has attended class almost every day and participated eagerly. She has now passed the TOEFL and been accepted to San Diego Mesa College for their spring 2011 semester, but she has chosen to continue to study with Connect English because she has improved her English skills so much this year. After four months of studying with Connect English, Iman brought her sister, Najwa, to Connect English to help her gain essential communication skills. In her two months at Connect English, Najwa has improved her conversational English and made new friends at Connect English that she spends time with on the weekends.

Gokhan Caglayan has been studying at Connect English since the spring of 2010. He is in the TOEFL MAX classes in the morning preparing to pass the TOEFL and go to a university in the USA. He has recently referred three of his friends to Connect English so that they can get the excellent lessons that he knows from our experienced and energetic instructors that he trusts. He wanted to be sure that his friends attend a school that is not just some boring classes, and he also wanted his friends to enjoy the entire experience of living in San Diego and learning English at a school that cares about offering more to students. That is why he chose Connect English. Last week, Gokhan's friends enjoyed a Thanksgiving dinner at Connect English, and two weeks ago, they played soccer in Balboa Park with other Connect English students from around the world.

Fuad Rahimov, from Azerbaijan, recently applied for Change of Status at Connect English. He will change to an F-1 (student) visa from his J-1 (work/study) visa. He is so excited about his experience with Connect English so far that he has recommended our English programs to his friend Ali back in his home country. Ali is coming to the USA at the end of December and will study in our English MAX programs for the rest of 2011. He received an I-20 from Connect English, scheduled a visa appointment with the US Consulate in Azerbaijan, and received the F-1 student visa. We are ready to welcome Ali into Connect English programs thanks to his friend Fuad's recommendation.


Why do so many students recommend Connect English to their friends? Because the prices are affordable, the quality and energy levels are very high, and the teachers and staff are super helpful for students. Individual students matter at Connect English, and our students see this every day. That's why all of their friends and family are studying at Connect English now also.

If you would like to learn more about the best language school in San Diego, contact Connect English today. We will discuss a plan for your success.
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