Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Soccer Tuesdays at Balboa Park with Connect English

San Diego international students are always looking for opportunities to get active and have fun with their friends. Frequently, international students don’t get to play soccer as frequently as they want. Students from Brazil, Spain, Germany, Italy, France, Japan, Korea, Mexico, Kuwait and other countries LOVE playing soccer, but when they arrive in the United States, they don’t know where to play or who to play the game with.

Connect English Language Institute has the solution to help students: Soccer Wednesdays at Balboa Park! Every Tuesday at 3:30pm, Academic Director Adam Cooke will organize soccer games for all international students in San Diego. If you are a student at Connect English, you are invited. If you are a friend of a student at Connect English, you are invited. If you just like to play soccer, you are invited!

Soccer Wednesdays are an excellent opportunity for international students to socialize, make new friends, and get some healthy exercise after classes. We get plenty of mental exercise in the mornings in the classroom, so we need to get physical exercise in the awesome San Diego weather!

The best language school in San Diego wants to make sure that you enjoy your entire experience in California. Improve your language skills in the morning, and then come with us to participate in the San Diego adventure in the afternoon. Join Connect English Language Institute today!

E-mail: info@connectenglishsandiego.com
Facebook: www.Facebook.com/ConnectEnglish
Phone: (619) 283-2811


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