Wednesday, March 28, 2012

New Afternoon TOEFL Classes Begin April 9th!

At Connect English, we always work to give our students
the best options to learn and improve. Students are often surprised by the amount of learning they receive from their classes, and the level of dedication they receive from their teachers. Those students at first have expectations, based on our great pricing, that they should expect less from Connect English than they would expect at an expensive school downtown or in La Jolla. But Connect English offers real classes to help students build stronger language skills to achieve real goals of getting into accredited universities in California and beyond, opening up career options in the students' home countries, and improving students abilities to succeed in the modern communication age. That's exactly why Connect English has opened a new TOEFL MAX course in the afternoons that will allow intermediate ESL students to build essential TOEFL strategy and pass that test!

With the new TOEFL 1 course at Connect English, more skill levels of students can now start working on methods and techniques for the test, while still receiving training with grammar structures, vocabulary, and language skills for life. The instructors for the courses are patient and helpful as students start working on TOEFL exercises that might cause confusion or overload in other situations. There is no reason to be afraid of TOEFL anymore! Connect English is ready to help you enjoy learning a lot!

The best English school in San Diego is Connect English, because teachers created the school. No office in New York or San Francisco decides how you should learn. At Connect English, we are here to listen to our students and help our students every day.

To learn more, contact Connect English today. We can help you get the best TOEFL in San Diego:
Phone: (619) 283-2811



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