Tuesday, March 2, 2010

It's Easy to Transfer to Connect English

Every week new students are coming to Connect English to see what everyone is talking about. Many of our new students have come to Connect English because a friend of theirs already studies here and is truly enjoying the classes, activities and services. Why waste your time at a school that isn't serious about your education? Our staff members are here and happy to assist you with enrollment.

Here are some of the great reasons to study at Connect English:

TOEFL preparation courses are offered for students who plan
to go to real colleges and universities in the United States. We are proud to help our students transfer into Connect English, spend the time to become masters of the TOEFL, and then transfer on to the university of their dreams.

Intensive English courses will help you become proud of your English abilities. All of our classes are taught in English only; other languages are not allowed in class. This means that you will be able to speak English better and sooner than at other schools.

The schedule options at Connect English are great. Classes are available throughout the day for your busy schedule. Like surfing in the morning? Take evening classes at Connect English. Enjoy trying new restaurants around San Diego in the evening? Take morning classes at Connect English. You can learn English without giving up your hobbies!

The Academic Support Center at Connect English is for motivated students who would like to spend extra time on their studies after class each day and even on Fridays. Students spend time in the computer lab and in the classrooms getting help from our teachers with college recommendation letters, TOEFL practice tests, and writing help whenever they need it.

For students who want to get a head start on their college dreams, Connect English offers the College Connection program. With a high enough level of English, students can take morning or evening classes at Connect English, and then take one to two classes at a real local university for transferable college credit as well. Sound like a great idea? Ask us for more information.

Connect English students are diverse, energetic and interesting. Connect English attracts students from Germany, France, Japan, Kuwait, Korea, Liberia, Thailand, Switzerland, Russia and more! This means that when you study ESL at Connect English or TOEFL at Connect English you learn a lot about the United States and a lot from students from so many other countries of the world; not just students from one single country.

Events and activities are another part of what makes Connect English a great place for international students. Frisbee golf in Balboa Park, American football classes, scavenger hunts at San Diego State University, barbecues on Mission Beach, and more!

Convenience is important for international students. With or
without a car in San Diego, it is easy to come to Connect English. We are located directly next to the green line trolley, a major bus station, and the 8 freeway. We are minutes from some of the best shopping centers in the city!

Are you looking for a high-quality English program at a price that you can afford? Come to Connect English and see the ESL classes in San Diego that everyone is talking about! We are ready to sit down with you and create a plan for your success.

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