Wednesday, August 11, 2010

S.K. Gets a Scholarship to the University of His Dreams!

It was a proud day for Connect English, and definitely a proud day for S.K. Lee when he was admitted to the College of Creative Studies, an accredited university in Detroit, Michigan. And not only was he admitted to the school of his dreams, but he also received an extraordinary scholarship because their admissions department was so impressed with his design abilities.

After a four-month TOEFL course at Connect English, S.K. passed the TOEFL and is getting ready to move to Michigan. He is excited and eager to start the college program that he had been aiming for. This fall semester he will study automotive design in order to strengthen his already remarkable skills.

Connect English wishes you good luck at the university of your dreams, S.K. Your classmates, teachers and friends at Connect English are all proud of you. We are proud that your hard work paid off and you are ready to start an amazing step in your career and your life.

In addition to S.K.'s dedication and hard work in Connect English programs, he spent his extra time in the Connect English Academic Support Center and worked with teachers and staff members to successfully navigate the admissions process for his schools. At Connect English, our goal is to help dedicated and hard-working students like S.K. to follow the path to the universities that they have always wanted to attend. Students who have goals and dreams to attend universities in the United States study with Connect English. If you want to find an English school in San Diego that helps you with your goals and dreams to attend universities in the United States, contact Connect English Language Institute today. We will help you create a plan for success!

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