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Yeoul Succeeds in the College Connection Program

Connect English wants the best students. We want students who are eager to learn and are ready to take on challenges to improve themselves. For those students, we have unique programs and options that no other language school in San Diego will offer to their students. Programs like our Academic Support Center and Homework Club give international students in San Diego many different ways to keep growing and getting better with their language skills. Private lessons are offered to students who want specific help with areas of their English. Conversation groups are available for students who want to improve their spoken fluency.

Four our advanced students, there is an even more exciting program: College Connection. With this option, students can attend a real, accredited university, not a fake, unaccredited university that can't give you transferable credit. It is the option that Yeoul, an advanced student at Connect English, decided to use. Here is an interview with Yeoul about her experience in the College Connection program through Connect English.

How did you become interested in the College Connection program and SDSU?

I wanted to have a lot of interactions with American students and get the sneak peek of college life in America. I also wanted to got me into the challenge and take the step to the next level. I was looking up the program and my friend Soo Yeon suggested me I meet Adam and talk about College Connection program at Connect English. I lived close to SDSU and it was the perfect place to start the program since I knew my way around there and available school facilities. Connect English was just a trolley stop away from SDSU. I could easily go to school from Connect English.


What were your first impressions of the program?

I thought this program was a really great opportunity for people who just wanted to take one or two classes that they were interested in. I didn't have to be a full-time student at SDSU. The process was incredibly simple and the price was reasonable. In general, the international students pay more to the university. The good thing about this program was it was the same price as what other American students would pay. ($591 for the 3 credits for the whole semester!!!)

Also, I could have the same benefits as the regular students would have. Signing up for classes seemed to be really easy and there were a lot of choices in choosing classes that I wanted. I couldn't believe this kind of program even existed. I was fairly surprised to get to know about this program. I was worried "what if this class was over my head?" But after getting all the information from Adam, I decided to give it a shot!!

How did your first day in your SDSU class work out?

I brought the open university paper with me the first day in my SDSU class. After class, I went up to talk to the professor and I had butterflies in my stomach. However, there were a lot of American students doing this open university program. I was really surprised to see so many of them. People lined up to get professor's signature and the professor was well aware of this program and was generous to the students. It was a breeze after all. There was nothing to worry about. All I needed to do was pay for my class ($591 for the semester including access to library) and there were also a lot of American people lined up for the open university program at the extended studies building.

Did you enjoy your class at SDSU?

I enjoyed it a lot. I took contemporary media class and it was interesting to learn about current issues and American broadcasting system and history of media. For the first time, I used clicker in the class and it was such fun activities as well. I had about 6-7 guest speakers that semester and communicated with fellow classmates. I loved my class at SDSU. There were a lot of reading. At first, there were so many vocabulary that I was not familiar with but once I got used to it, studying was getting better and better. I would have to say that I learned a lot.

What were you doing at Connect English in the mornings while you were taking your class at SDSU?

I took advanced English classes with Meredith and optional classes with Jill. The teachers at Connect English were willing to help me with any assignments I had and anything that I needed for the class. I didn't have to worry too much about my study and I could ask any questions I had regarding my class at SDSU. The teachers always asked me about how my class at SDSU went.

What was your final grade in the SDSU class?


What would you say to students who are thinking about this option in their own futures?

This is a great opportunity for students who want to experience college life in the U.S.! It's really easy to enroll the course and you have a lot of choices in choosing the class that you want !!
And you can have the same benefit as the regular students at SDSU. It's a great opportunity that you wouldn't want to miss!! I highly recommend you this program and I believe it would take you to the next level for your futures. It was a really great experience for me. If you want something more than just studying English and think about going to the university in America in the future, do not hesitate to choose this great program. It has great benefits and there are great teachers at Connect English to help you out!

Students like Yeoul are the reason why Connect English is the best English school in San Diego. She was motivated to learn a lot, and Connect English offered the program options that helped her learn. When you are deciding where to study English in San Diego, remember that good language schools are supposed to offer great options to their students. Connect English offers programs that help you increase your English vocabulary, improve your spoken fluency, earn transferable college credits, pass the TOEFL in San Diego and build the education and skills that will last a lifetime.

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