Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Discussion Classes Make a Difference for Connect Students

English schools in San Diego frequently offer students only what their school managers decide to offer. Those schools just want to give classes that fit their big-company idea. Connect English does things differently, though. We are able to make programs that fit students' immediate needs. Here's an example: Students at Connect English improve their grammar, vocabulary, listening and speaking every day, of course. Through talking to students and through grading their final exams, though, teachers noticed that even more speaking opportunities would be helpful for many people. This is why Connect English now offers small-group conversation classes. These classes of only three to five students help students gain confidence and speaking accuracy in a comfortable environment, with no stress and with clear guidance.

In each class, a Connect English teacher helps students determine a subject that the group can discuss. For the rest of the class, the teacher asks each student questions to give them opportunities to explain their ideas, opinions and experiences, and also to ask each other questions that will continue the discussion. Students tell and learn interesting stories about their classmates, and in doing so, they learn new vocabulary and ways to explain those stories. This improvement in speaking skills helps students reach their goals of fluency and confidence, and eventually to open doors to great opportunities for themselves.

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There is one language school in San Diego that pays attention to what students need and then creates ways for students to keep getting better every day. Connect English in Mission Valley is that school.

Do you want a complete educational experience in San Diego? Connect English Language Institute is more than just a basic language school. Our events and activities help students explore and enjoy San Diego, and our special services assure that your education investment will help you improve your English.

When you want a school that does more but costs less, contact Connect English.
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