Friday, March 18, 2011

Connect English Students are Serious about Final Exams

Because Connect English was established by teachers, we are serious about our students' education. One of the education tools that we use in order to keep our students focused on the big picture is conducting final exams every eight weeks. Students have to prepare for challenges in reading, grammar, vocabulary, writing and even speaking. Teachers help students review the materials so that they can learn a lot, achieve success, and move up to a more challenging class level that will help them improve their language skills.

Students know that the things they learn in Connect English classes will matter. They use their English skills every day, and with final exams, they also know that they will have to prove that they speak and understand English very well. Besides the grammar portion of the test, what makes the Connect English final exam one of the best language tests from any/all English schools in San Diego?

1. The speaking test:

Students leave class one at a time and sit with their teacher for five to ten minutes. In that time, the teacher asks the students questions that will make them use the verb tenses and vocabulary that have been taught in the class for the past eight weeks. Students get a score of 1-10, from beginner to expert. They are graded on speaking accuracy, pronunciation and fluency/intonation. Most students did very well, even though they were a little stressed. Good job, everyone!

2. The writing test:

Based on the topics that were discussed and learned relating to the grammar in their classes, students answer some questions and use their vocabulary to describe experiences and opinions from their lives. Writing is an excellent challenge for almost every student because it makes students analyze the details of their English. It is also very important for students who want to use English for their career and university dreams in the future. Writing in English is very important for formal communication.

3. The vocabulary test:

The best language schools in San Diego help students improve their vocabulary. Every day, students learn five to ten new words in their classes at Connect English. Then they can go out and use those words in their lives around San Diego. On the final exam, students have to prove that they can remember and use these valuable terms. If they spend the time studying these terms for their exam, they are more likely to remember and use the terms in their lives outside of the classroom as well. Everyone wants a bigger vocabulary.

4. The beach barbecue for students after the test ends:

When the exams are finished, students want to relax and have a little fun. At the end of our most recent session and test, Connect English held a barbecue on Mission Beach. The students had a great time with tasty food, good friends and excellent weather in one of the most beautiful parts of San Diego. Check out the photo album of this event on Facebook!

When you are ready for an educational experience that will change your life, come to Connect English. Our teachers and staff are here to help you examine your learning and life options so you can make a plan to attend the best English school in San Diego - Connect English Language Institute!

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