Sunday, May 23, 2010

Do you want great education or do you want great fun? How about both?

Many students wonder, "Do I want to study and learn a lot, or do I want to enjoy San Diego and meet new friends?" But why not have both at Connect English Language Institute?

Connect English Language Institute is serious about your education, but also serious about helping you enjoy your experience in San Diego, California. Classes focus on helping students improve their English language skills through group projects, writing assignments, speaking activities, grammar lessons and vocabulary builders. Every day and ever week, students have opportunities to grow and expand their English abilities.

As much as Connect English students learn in the classroom each week, they also have a lot of fun around beautiful San Diego. So far this year, Team Connect has gone sea kayaking, tried American barbecue, had surfing lessons, visited the museums of Balboa Park, taken a trip to San Felipe, and played disc golf. Soon they are going to the MTV Movie Awards in Los Angeles. Education is more than just spending time in a room with a teacher. Education includes experience in the real world with your new skills and abilities.

When you have to decide if you want to learn a lot or if you want to have a lot of fun, there's no reason to select only one. Select both! Connect English Language Institute offers the best mix of great education and great experiences. Our teachers and staff give a 110% effort to make sure that students learn as much as possible, love their ESL classes in San Diego, and then enjoy life in San Diego, California!

Are you an energetic and motivated student? Do you want to get a great education AND get the most from the great city of San Diego? Contact Connect English to learn more about what we can do for you. We welcome you to join Connect English Language Institute, the best English school in San Diego!
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