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The TOEFL iBT Advantage: Why Connect English Is Better, Part 2

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If you are studying at a language school in San Diego, then you have probably heard about TOEFL classes. Students can get TOEFL training from a number of schools in San Diego, but are those TOEFL programs always good? Are they always worth all of the money you have to spend for them? Do you really have to spend so much money on TOEFL preparation classes? Are the teachers good enough? Will you really learn enough to pass the TOEFL and get into the university that you want?

Connect English TOEFL courses do more for you. Continue reading to see the difference between the basic classes taught by old-fashioned teachers at other schools, and the modern, proven methods that Connect English can offer to you. Here’s part 2 of the four-part series about the Connect English TOEFL advantage:

TOEFL Reading

The part of the TOEFL that most students think will be easy is the reading test. Before their test, a lot of students feel pretty confident in their reading ability and feel like they don't need to focus on reading in order to pass the TOEFL with a high score. Unfortunately, unprepared students often finish the test feeling shocked and surprised that the reading test was so much more difficult than they had imagined.

When you prepare for the TOEFL at Connect English, you do more than just some reading practice and some exercises. You will learn to analyze the questions and use efficient strategies to solve each different type of task. There are about ten different question types for TOEFL reading, and for each one Connect English will teach you ways to be effective, efficient and confident.

Connect English TOEFL preparation classes use exclusive materials and exercises that are custom made for our students to succeed on the modern TOEFL. Our TOEFL programs don't use one old book every day. We use the best materials from a variety of books and then add plenty of supplemental exercises to help with the most difficult types of questions. And just like on the official TOEFL, dictionaries are not permitted in our classes. Connect English students depend on asking good questions and using brain power.

Here is an example of an activity that you will complete in a Connect English TOEFL class. Follow the instructions to make sense of the unfamiliar words in each sentence. It is impossible to learn every difficult or unfamiliar word that will appear on the TOEFL, but it is possible to figure out what each word probably means based on its context in the sentence or paragraph (click for full-size version):

  • In question #1, what does relinquish mean? Don't have your dictionary? Don't worry. What do you think a king would probably do with his crown when he gets very old? Imagine it. He will probably give up or give away his crown when he gets very old. That is what relinquish means. Relinquish means give it to the next person.
  • In question #2, what does critters mean? Think about what wolves and foxes hunt. Do they hunt trucks? No way. Do they hunt information? Nope, that's not what critters means. Wolves and foxes hunt for small animals. Critters means small animals. It couldn't possibly mean anything else.

Now try the rest of the sentences in that exercise, and then check when you're done. Your assumptions will be surprisingly useful and effective, and you will become more confident with the reading skills that you need for the TOEFL. You can do it!

These TOEFL Reading exercises and many more reading exercises related to paraphrasing, understanding purpose, categorizing, pronouns and negative fact recognition are only available at Connect English Language Institute. There are TOEFL courses at other English schools in San Diego. However, you can be sure that in addition to our affordable course prices, TOEFL teachers at Connect English are experienced, helpful and creative. They use the methods that will help you pass the test and get accepted to the university that you've dreamed of.

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