Sunday, November 21, 2010

The TOEFL iBT Advantage: Why Connect English Is Better, Part 1

How can you help yourself pass the TOEFL? Join the best TOEFL program in San Diego.

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If you are studying at a language school in San Diego, then you have probably heard about TOEFL classes. Students can get TOEFL training from a number of schools in San Diego, but are TOEFL programs always good? Are they always worth all of the money you have to spend for them? Do you have to spend a lot of money on TOEFL preparation classes? Are the teachers good enough? Will you really learn enough to pass the TOEFL and get into the university that you want?

Connect English TOEFL courses do more for you. Keep reading to see the difference between the basic classes taught by old-fashioned teachers at other schools, and the modern, proven methods that Connect English can offer to you. Here’s part 1 of the four-part series about the Connect English TOEFL advantage:

TOEFL Speaking

The best way to succeed with TOEFL Speaking is to learn to be confident. Imagine that you are sitting down for the TOEFL Speaking test and you have NO IDEA what kind of questions you will answer, and no idea how to organize a good response. Now imagine instead that you are arriving at the test with a complete understanding of each question that you will be asked, and a plan of how you can answer each different question on the test. At Connect English, students learn and practice every detail of the entire TOEFL Speaking test, including individual strategies for each of the questions.

If you are uncertain about how well you understand the TOEFL Speaking test, think about and answer these questions:

  • How many questions on the test require you to give your own opinion? Which ones are they?

  • Which questions on the test involve listening to academic lectures?

  • Which questions give you the most preparation time, and which questions give you the least preparation time?

  • What are the similarities between question 3 and question 4 on the speaking test? What are the differences between these questions?

Knowing the answers to these questions before you sit down to take your TOEFL means the difference between being afraid and being confident, and between being disorganized and being ready.

How about strategies? Do you have a plan for how to answer each different question? Let’s look at question number one, for example. How should you use your preparation time? How should you begin your response? How many reasons should you plan to use in support? What should you do if you have extra time at the end of your recording period?

All of these questions are the things that Connect English will teach you the answers to in our TOEFL MAX programs. If you are at an English school in San Diego, but you want to get effective TOEFL training that makes a difference, contact Connect English about the best TOEFL courses in San Diego.

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