Thursday, January 6, 2011

The TOEFL iBT Advantage: Why Connect English Is Better, Part 3a

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If you are studying at a language school in San Diego, then you have probably heard about TOEFL classes. Students can get TOEFL training from a number of schools in San Diego, but are those TOEFL programs always good? Are they always worth all of the money you have to spend for them? Do you really have to spend so much money on TOEFL preparation classes? Are the teachers good enough? Will you really learn enough to pass the TOEFL and get into the university that you want?

Connect English TOEFL courses do more for you. Continue reading to see the difference between the basic classes taught by old-fashioned teachers at other schools, and the modern, proven methods that Connect English can offer to you. Here’s part 3a of the four-part series about the Connect English TOEFL advantage:

TOEFL Integrated Writing

Writing helps students analyze the details of their own English skills, but most other language schools don't ask their students to write very often. If you are an international student, stop for a moment and think about how often your teacher(s) really asked you to write anything challenging in your English classes. Usually the answer is: "Not very often." This is because most teachers at other schools don't want to spend time correcting individual students' work.

Connect English students write a lot more often than other students do. Our teachers are happy to spend the time working with individual students and helping them improve. They are not afraid to correct students' papers and offer individual suggestions to students. This means that Connect English students improve their writing faster.

TOEFL Integrated Writing is one of the most complicated parts of the big test. Students who don't practice this part of the test are almost certainly going to get a low score. Connect English TOEFL preparation courses help students grow into fearless, skilled writers.

Before each Integrated Writing task, students and teachers review the steps and strategies for each portion of the task. Connect English teachers make sure that students understand what they are supposed to do. Students see examples of good paragraphs and then work with a partner to create effective paragraphs of their own. Then they begin working individually on responses, which they turn in to their teacher for feedback and help with grammar. Students then make their own grammar corrections and re-write their response even better than before.

Additionally, while other language schools just follow page after page of a TOEFL book, Connect English TOEFL courses include modern, customized Integrated Writing topics that are more like the real test. Realistic TOEFL practice in the classroom means confident, competent responses when students sit down to take the official test. Take a look at a sample of one of the realistic exercises that Connect English students complete:

So, what's the best organization strategy for Integrated Writing? Should you write a conclusion? Should you include your opinion? In your response, should you focus on the lecture information or the reading information more?

All of these questions are the things that Connect English will teach you the answers to in our TOEFL MAX programs. If you are at an English school in San Diego, but you want to get effective TOEFL training that makes a difference, contact Connect English about the best TOEFL courses in San Diego.

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