Monday, January 24, 2011

Speak English Only; Avoid Grammar Tickets! :-)

Connect English is serious about helping you learn English. So serious, in fact, that Academic Director Adam Cooke and Student Services Director Nick Sacco "patrol" the school lobby area and classrooms during breaks between our Intensive English classes and TOEFL classes. When they hear students speaking other languages inside of Connect English, they give grammar tickets. That's right, students. You'd better stay focused on your English or else the sheriff will find you and make you pay! ;-)

With grammar tickets, Connect English makes sure that students are immersed in English all day, and that they learn to speak and understand English very quickly. Allowing students to speak their native language while they are at school would only slow down their learning. Nobody wants to learn a language slowly, right?

International students are always looking for language schools in San Diego that make real education a priority. Connect English Language Institute was founded by English teachers, so we are always helping our students improve their communication skills.

To learn more, contact Connect English today:
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