Sunday, March 22, 2015

Spotlight on Quality: The Excellent Teachers of Connect English

Reduce your education expenses, not expectations.

When you ask Connect English students (past and present) what they like the most about Connect English, the answer is almost always "the quality of the teachers." Every school says that they have good teachers, right? How can you know that Connect English teachers are truly on a higher level than others?

We're always looking for the good ones.

Even when all of our classes already have good teachers doing great work, we find out that the best teachers from other schools are eager to move to Connect English. (EXAMPLES: Chuck, Elsa, Chris, Renee, Derek, Kirk, Jillian, etc.) So we give them the opportunity to teach for Connect English as soon as possible, sometimes creating new classes so that we can make sure to have great teachers on our team. Having quality ESL teachers in San Diego is important!

Teachers take grammar tests before they can work at Connect.

Any teacher who wants to join Team Connect needs to be ready and able to pass our grammar test(s). Does any other San Diego language school do this? Nope. And it's surprising that almost 80% of teachers who apply to work at Connect English can't pass the first grammar test. Those teachers don't get to teach at Connect English. If you're studying at Connect English currently, ask your teacher about the big test! :-)

Every class is planned carefully so students truly learn.

No class at Connect English begins without a plan. Lessons at Connect English matter, because a real education is what our students expect at Connect English. Each class has opportunities for students to speak up, listen up, read, write, and learn grammar effectively.

The directors of Connect English support the teachers, so the teachers can support the students.

Teamwork is important for success. Our teachers' success and effectiveness are boosted by directors who are/were teachers. This means that our teachers don't have to try to do everything alone. Teachers get lesson plans, class management advice, activity ideas, and support with materials from the directors of each campus.

Connect English was created by teachers, for students.

This makes things pretty clear. When good teachers matter, students are happy. When students are happy, Connect English is happy.

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