Monday, March 30, 2015

San Diego's English Experts

Connect English focuses on English

Since the day that Connect English was created in 2008, the plan has always been a clear focus on quality English classes for students who were sick of high prices and/or low quality at other schools. Experienced and effective teachers in every Connect English classroom has always meant that our students could expect to truly learn new English skills. The English experts who teach and support students at Connect English are difference makers, and our students recognize it right away.

We only focus on helping students learn English, pass the TOEFL, and have excellent educational experiences in California.

At Connect English, the quality of our English programs is clear.

Here's the evidence:

TOEFL teacher Soraya at the Mission Valley campus has helped hundreds of students pass the TOEFL and go on to real universities in the USA.

Teacher Stephanie at the Mission Valley campus gives her students special units on complicated phrasal verbs, one of the most difficult topics for international students to learn.

Director Nick teaches weekly pronunciation classes at the Pacific Beach
campus that help students feel real improvement in how they sound when they speak.

Teacher Renee at the La Jolla campus leads special activities to teach students Halloween vocabulary every fall.

Director Chris at the La Jolla campus is also a basketball coach, so he teaches extra classes about popular sports in the USA.

Teacher Derek at the Pacific Beach campus gives private tutoring to students who want individual attention with speaking skills.

Director Jillian at the Pacific Beach campus is a specialist at the change of status process, helping students change to the F-1 (student) visa.

TOEFL teacher Lauren gives free TOEFL speaking classes on Fridays at the
Mission Valley campus of Connect English.

Every person on the Connect English teaching and support team has expertise in helping international students learn English. We are not focused on convincing our English students to join a cheap MBA or Bachelor's degree program that we have invented on our campus (we will never have those). We only want our students to build stronger and stronger English skills with every day of classes.

If your goal is to learn English in San Diego, Connect English is clearly a good English school choice in San Diego. You are focused on your goals, and so are we.

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