Sunday, August 21, 2011

Add Excellent Classes at Connect English and Still Save a Lot of Money

As summer continues in San Diego, many students who arrived in June and July are ready for better classes and better prices. Many students begin their English studies in San Diego at expensive Downtown or La Jolla schools with inexperienced teachers. Smart students quickly see that there are better options for their education in the USA. These students usually find Connect English and transfer to our courses, which are more constructive and less costly.

Did you spend $1000 or more per month for your English classes this summer? Why? Now that you are in the USA, and you are comfortable living in San Diego, you can select a school that offers high-quality instruction and affordable prices. Connect English has experienced English teachers, excellent San Diego activities and complete services that you need in order to continue improving your English in your favorite city.

Here are some real examples of real students who now study at Connect English:

  • Fabiana spent months at one of the expensive downtown English schools. As she learned more about San Diego, she saw that there are other excellent education options that don't cost as much but still offer fantastic TOEFL courses and intensive English courses. She transferred in order to join Connect English TOEFL programs and has been able to extend her studies because Connect English courses cost so much less than most other language schools in San Diego.

  • Moon studied at a school in San Diego that cost more than $1300.00 per month. When he transferred to Connect English this summer, he enrolled in our English MAX programs and then added Vocabulary Maximizer courses for extra hours each week. Even with all of the extras, he was able to save more than $800.00 per month in our courses.

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  • Abdullah studied at a school that cost more than $1200 per month this summer, and he was unhappy with the level of quality in his program. In July he decided to find a new English school in San Diego. He joined Connect English programs and added every possible course option (speaking classes, private lessons, Vocabulary Maximizer and after-school activities), and was still able to save hundreds of dollars per month.

  • Last summer, Sung Kyung decided to leave his downtown English school because he was unhappy with their TOEFL program and with how much he had to spend each month. He decided to transfer to Connect English TOEFL programs and he also added on supplemental writing courses. He was able to keep $400 per month in his pocket for rent and entertainment in San Diego. After four months of study, he passed his TOEFL and was accepted to an American university for automotive design.

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In summary, great education options in San Diego don't have to be expensive. You can afford to continue your studies in America's Finest City if you understand your options. With Connect English, you can even add more study hours and better course options (like Vocabulary Maximizer class, speaking and conversation groups, private lessons and focused writing courses) without breaking your bank account. Join all of the other students who have made the change.

To learn more, contact Connect English today. Our team is here to help you keep improving your language skills without wasting your money.
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