Sunday, December 28, 2014

Connect English, Pacific Beach opens in January of 2015!

Past, present and future students of Connect English know that our programs and services are great. Why? Because Connect English was created by teachers, for students. The entire Connect English education system --from the teachers to the staff to the directors-- are education minded, with plenty of experience in the classroom. You should be excited to find out, then, that there is now a new Connect English in Pacific Beach, San Diego!

Here's what's nice about Connect English, Pacific Beach:

It is brand new.

Who ordered the fresh English programs? The best place for the best students to get the best English lessons at the best price is the new Connect English, Pacific Beach. The whole school was built brand-new for our new students in the beach communities of San Diego. New floors, new furniture, new classrooms, new equipment, new everything.

Connect English always has great teachers.

Everyone who has been paying attention knows that Connect English has great teachers. Read the reviews, ask friends, or come in and see. No teacher can work at Connect English unless he/she knows and teaches grammar well, and knows how to set up great lessons for our students. Many teachers at other, more-expensive schools don't know how to teach the structures of English that international students need, or how to keep students progressing. Because Connect English was created by teachers, we always want to make sure that our teachers are able to give our students classes that matter. Our new programs at our Pacific Beach English school will of course have the quality teachers that Connect English students expect.

It's in an excellent neighborhood.

A quick Google search of Pacific Beach, San Diego will show you how nice this neighborhood is. It is the #1 community of San Diego for students (local and international) because it has everything: sun, sand, sports, food, friends, nightlife and more. The best beaches are right here, the coolest people live here, great restaurants are on practically every corner of this community, and there is even a golf course within walking distance of the new campus of Connect English, Pacific Beach!

The staff is friendly and capable, of course.

Almost everyone who works with Connect English has been an ESL teacher before, so we all understand what our students need. We know that students want answers to the confusing questions of transferring to a new school, to program options, to schedules, to transportation, to student activities. Team Connect is ready to answer all students' questions about how to have an excellent educational experience. What do you want to know? E-mail Connect English to get started!

Transferring is easy.

Some students are afraid to transfer out of their old language schools, especially when they're unsure of how to start the process. It can seem scary to transfer your I-20 because it is such an important document, but don't worry. Many, many, many students have realized how smart and easy it is to transfer to Connect English. It makes sense financially and it makes sense for your quality of education in San Diego. E-mail Connect English to get started!

Connect English was created by teachers, for students.

No other language school in San Diego was created by a team of teachers, to fit students' needs and preferences. The other language schools in San Diego were created by corporate headquarters in other cities, just to make a lot of money from students through agents, with little focus on a great education. The founders of Connect English spent years in classrooms with students. This means that we have designed a student experience that fits students' needs for great instructors, effective schedule options, and realistic pricing (NOT $1000+ per month like most language schools in San Diego). Ask our past and present students. They love it!

It is so close to the popular Bay Pointe apartments.

What's the coolest place for students to live in PB? The Bay Pointe Apartments. This mega-popular apartment complex is located right in the middle of Pacific Beach, close to the bay, the beach, the best restaurants, and Connect English, Pacific Beach. Students can take a ten-minute bike ride to the campus, or a five minute drive. It is definitely the most convenient option available for international students in Pacific Beach.

There is free parking at Connect English, Pacific Beach.

Anyone who studies in Downtown San Diego or in the La Jolla area deals with the difficult parking situations there. Connect English, Pacific Beach has street parking available for free every day for our students.

Transportation access is great, and it's getting even better!

International students in San Diego can use so many forms of transportation to reach Connect English, Pacific Beach. Of course, it is easy to reach by bicycle, by skateboard, or even on foot. But there is ample parking for students with cars, it is very close to the Interstate 5 freeway, there are MTS bus lines stopping nearby, and very soon the blue line of the MTS trolley system will stop in Pacific Beach, directly next to the Connect English campus.

Contact information

3565 Del Rey St., Suite 300
San Diego, CA 92109

Phone: (619) 283-2811
Fax: (619) 283-2866
Website: Connect English, Pacific Beach


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