Wednesday, February 26, 2014

Great Things about Connect English, La Jolla: FOOD TRUCKS! Mmmmm...


Have you 1. tried _____ (on/out) food trucks yet? They're really 2. catching _____ (up/on) in California and around the USA these days! In many commercial neighborhoods, each day a variety of trucks 3. stop _____ (around/by) for a couple of hours to offer lunch. Students can 4. pick ____ (on/out) a sandwich, french fries, salads, or any other items from the menus that are offered by the trucks. They're a great and healthy alternative to 5. picking _____ (over/up) fast food burgers.

Students of Connect English, La Jolla have a lot of food truck options during the week. One example is the food truck called God Save the Cuisine. They'll cook famous British fish and chips, a lamb sandwich on naan bread, or a grass-fed beef burger. On Thursdays when this truck visits our neighborhood, our students frequently 6. hang _____ (up/out) on the lawn where the food truck has stopped. The students like to 7. chill _____ (out/down) and sometimes 8. pig _____ (up/out) on their delicious food during the lunch break between Connect English core classes and skills classes.

On Tuesdays, another truck that arrives often is Simply Fresh. If you 9. look _____ (around/up) their menu on their website, you'll see that they 10. serve _____ (up/out) a great variety of sandwiches and side dishes. 11. Check _____ (up/out) their website to see more of what our students eat when they are here.

If you want to study at the best English school in San Diego, 12. sign _____ (in/up) for programs today. Along with the other students in our programs, you'll 13. look forward _____ (for/to) the food options that will come to the neighborhood each week.

Are you looking for a school that gives you the complete experience in San Diego? Connect English Language Institute is more than just a basic language school. Our events and activities help students explore and enjoy San Diego, and our special services assure that your education investment will help you improve your English. When you want a school that does more but costs less, contact Connect English.
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1. out 2. on 3. by 4. out 5. up 6. out 7. out 8. out 9. up 10. up 11. out 12. up 13. to

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