Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Connect English Students and Real Grad Schools in San Diego

There are great opportunities for advanced education in San Diego. International students frequently come to Connect English to improve their TOEFL score in San Diego and then enter a school like San Diego State University for an advanced degree. If you want to study in San Diego and your ultimate goal is to get an advanced degree from a real university in the USA, Connect English is ready to help you make the best preparations and decisions for yourself.

In 2012, as in other years, Connect English students are already in advanced programs at San Diego State University, California International Business University, and Alliant International University. Those students worked with Connect English to take courses that helped them improve their language skills and raise TOEFL scores so that they could join and succeed in advanced business programs, education programs, and linguistics programs that will help them reach new levels of career options upon graduation.

When Connect English students want to enter real universities in San Diego, they have plenty of resources to help them make the right choice. We want to make sure that our students avoid "universities" that don't care about quality in education, or "universities" that issue unaccredited degrees. That would be a terrible waste of time and money for the student.

The first resource available is a Connect English staff of helpful advisers that attended Southern California's reputable universities. Students can sit down with us and discuss graduate school options with Connect English counselors who attended San Diego State University, UC San Diego, or UCLA. Our students receive first-hand knowledge of how to be successful in American university programs from people who have done the research, gone through the admissions process, and received the degrees from the schools that our students want to attend.

Second, Connect English has plenty of texts available to help students select from all of the good universities in California and across the USA. Students can begin by searching within their subject of specialization, such as advanced business programs, public affairs, linguistics or law. We can help them find rankings and listings of great school options, along with prices, TOEFL score requirements and application deadlines.

Next, we guide students through researching specific graduate program details. Once a student has decided on a focused set of school options to choose from, he or she can count on Connect English staff to answer their next questions as they look at each graduate school's admission requirements and program choices.

Finally, we help students transfer their I-20s from Connect English to their new graduate school programs. When a student is officially admitted to a quality university program, we help the student move his or her SEVIS record so that a new I-20 can be issued by the new school as soon as the student starts the graduate-level program there. We can contact the international admissions department to make sure that the student has met all of the SEVIS requirements to begin studying in these advanced programs.

If your education plan includes an advanced degree from a great university in San Diego, Connect English is here to help you make the transition. We can help you make the important choice between the great programs and the fake universities that are only trying to trick international students (they exist!). There is an excellent master's degree or Ph.D program waiting for you, and finding it doesn't need to be difficult, deceiving, confusing or stressful.

Connect English offers high-quality English and TOEFL classes at an affordable price, but there is so much more. An education at Connect English is more than just classes. It is a life experience that you will never forget. To see photos and more information, go to the Connect English Facebook page.
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