Friday, May 20, 2011

Public Transportation for International Students - The Easy Way

Do you think the public transportation system (bus, trolley) in San Diego is better than your hometown's system? San Diego is a unique city in terms of transportation. American citizens use their cars a lot, but our public transportation system in San Diego is actually quite efficient. The trolleys are on time, buses are spacious and functional, and our freeway system usually flows smoothly. Have you noticed this too?

The best language schools in San Diego need to be near public transportation because international students don't usually have cars at first. That's why Connect English was built directly next to a major San Diego trolley and bus station, and right by three of the major freeways of San Diego.

Students at Connect English use the San Diego public transportation system for so many things. Here are some of the best examples of how San Diego MTS is connecting English students to their goals:

  • Next week our students will use the trolley to go to Petco Park for a San Diego Padres baseball game. Parking at the stadium is usually difficult and/or expensive, but the trolley solves all of those problems.

  • Summer program students use the green line trolley and then bus 8 or 9 to reach Mission Beach for surf lessons after their classes finish each day. When the surf lessons are over each day, the students choose from a number of route options to take them back to their homestays in San Diego.

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  • For students who live in El Cajon, English schools in San Diego are usually difficult to reach. With San Diego transportation systems, it becomes pretty easy for students to reach Connect English, though. The green line trolley goes directly through the whole city of El Cajon and then stops just 20 meters from our Mission Valley English school location.

  • Students who have cars love Connect English too. The maximum drive time to Connect English on the freeways from almost anywhere in San Diego is 20 minutes. This is because the 8 freeway, the 15 freeway and the 805 freeway pass very close to Connect English. Connect English is also one of the only English schools in San Diego that has abundant free parking for our students. Bonus!

In addition to these transportation options, Connect English staff members are here to answer students' questions about bus schedules, trolley lines and driving directions. We also help students purchase their transit passes so that they can ride the bus and trolley an unlimited number of times each month. When Connect English students need help or have questions, we are here to support them.

When you want a school that does more but costs less, contact Connect English.
Phone: (619) 283-2811


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