Monday, December 28, 2009

Connect English Presents: The Best Photos of 2009

2009 has been a great year at Connect English. We have had so much fun with the people that we have met from around the world. So many of our students have achieved their goals and been accepted to real American colleges and universities this year. We are excited to help even more students in 2010!

Here are some of our favorite photos of our favorite people and events in 2009:

(The album is also on the Connect English Facebook fan page.)

Kelley and Ing were the winners of the "Who Wants to be a Nerd?" game show at the Connect English grand opening party. Those glasses were their prize.

Students, friends and family members meet each other in the "Find Someone Who..." activity. Everyone learned some interesting things about the others at the party.

A group of students from one of our TOEFL preparation classes works on some vocabulary in context activities together.

We celebrate with the Urbina family as Nazari is accepted to Texas A & M University. Impressive!

Nazari is now a competitor on the Texas A & M University tennis team. She is traveling around the United States to play in tournaments and she is getting a world-class education.

We made a few trips to the Balboa Park museums. Andrea and Landryse were pretty nervous about the flight simulator.

This video showed them inside of the flight simulator. Do they look nice and calm?

Frisbee golf at Balboa Park was an interesting experience.

Javier and Adam are competitors. They spent the whole day trying to out-do each other.

Pierre worked hard and got his graduation certificate, and he's planning on coming back in 2010 for even more TOEFL training at Connect English.

TOEFL students plan out introduction paragraphs for their independent writing tasks.

Dermot Rodgers joined the Connect English team in 2009. He made it a great summer.

Javier graduates and gets ready to go to Musicians Institute in Los Angeles.

Sally and Wahine were the champions of the Connect English Flags of the World trivia competition.

These guys were excited to get onto the trolley and go to their surf lessons on Mission Beach.

The Padres play at Petco park on a sunny afternoon. Someone looks excited!

Looks like this picture should be the Connect English post card for the summer.

Tally-Ho glides gracefully over the waves and sand of Mission Beach.

The Spanish students made some new friends while they were here, including this little guy who they saved from a pet snake.

Maybe THIS picture should be the Connect English postcard for the summer.

The Surfing Spaniards graduated from their summer program with honors in July of 2009.

After the Spanish students' graduation, we barbecued in Mission Bay Park. Man, those guys were hungry!

Go shares his sushi with Adam before the evening classes get started.

Some of the students from our evening classes gather around for Cristina's agua de sabor. This stuff was strangely delicious, especially on a hot day in San Diego.

Mati has probably used the Connect English Academic Support Center more than anyone. She is determined to pass the TOEFL.

Landryse gets a photo next to one of her favorite cars.

Here's another one of their favorite exotic cars that they saw at the museum.

Andrea does excellent work helping the students and teachers of Connect English. We appreciate all of your effort, Andrea!

Another meal with some students. A little bit of this, a little bit of that. A lot of delicious fun.

Namwhan, Brittany, Mati and Adam work on TOEFL independent writing in the computer lab. It isn't the most exciting activity in the world, but it is very important for passing the TOEFL.

Mati keeps working to improve her TOEFL independent writing skills.

Another San Diego summer sunset in front of Connect English in Mission Valley.

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  1. These are some great shots and great programs. The students look like they are having fun AND working hard. Special kudos to Nazari and her teachers at ELI. What a great success story! Looks like a great place to work.