Friday, November 13, 2009

Lots of Learning at the Connect English Academic Support Center

The students of Connect English have goals. We all work hard to make sure that those goals become plans, and that those plans then become real-life achievements. This is why Connect English has established the Academic Support Center.

Every Friday, the staff and teachers of Connect English are here to help present and past students use the resources of the school to prepare for the TOEFL, work on projects from their language classes, or even get help with assignments from their classes at Grossmont College or San Diego State University.

What other language school in San Diego works so hard to help students to achieve their goals? Even after Connect English students have been accepted to college or university, you'll regularly find the teachers of Connect English helping them in the Academic Support Center as they work on assignments, essays and projects for their college courses.

Mati uses the Academic Support Center to get extra help with her TOEFL Independent Writing responses on Friday afternoons.

The Connect English Academic Support Center is here for you when you need to get the job done right. Succeeding in college and preparing for the TOEFL in San Diego just got a little bit easier! Check out our website, E-mail us, or visit the school in Mission Valley to learn more about realizing your goals and dreams through Connect English.


  1. Mati's essay looks great, even in this photo. I can see five paragraphs there, and that puts a smile on this TOEFL teacher's face.

  2. I love the continued support even after moving on to Grossmont or SDSU. I want in as a teacher!